April 2017



Finally the rain stopped in San Diego, and we have sunny and clear skies! So now that the drought is over, everything looks lush and green, it's a great time to go house hunting! The market is still tough though, mainly due to a tight inventory and demand surpassing the supply. We have a lot of qualified buyers ready to buy, but not enough good houses to show them. So we need more sellers to move! The question is of course "where do we go?". If you're a move-up buyer selling and buying in the same market, now is a great time while interest rates are still low. We are seeing a lot of off market deals, private sales, and homes selling before even hitting the market. This indicates a HOT MARKET. However, it's always my advice to sellers to expose the home to the public to maximize price and see what it's really worth. So if you have given any thought to selling or buying, give me a call for a confidential consultation. My team and I would love to hear from you!

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