February 2016

Janicke's Market Update - February 2016

How to build WEALTH in real estate

Every day I talk to interesting and successful people. A lot of folks I meet, both other Realtors and potential clients, have built their wealth in real estate. They may have started with a small condo, but then bought a 4-plex, a shopping center and so on. Wouldn't it be nice if you had enough residual income to cover your living expenses? I talked to a guy the other day who told me he had bought condos when they were 50% off, and now him and his family were going to live in Spain for a year, all just from living off his rental income! So look for opportunities. There are still deals out there. Rents have skyrocketed! A small 1 bedroom in UTC now rents for $1500+ ! Look for 2-4 units with high rents, or cheap 1-2 bedrooms with low HOA dues.

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