February 2019

How's the market?

I love getting this question. Because it depends if you're looking to sell, buy, invest or rent. Most homeowners don't get to feel the pulse of the market as we agents do. Especially in the markets we live and work in the most. The real estate market has a funny way of moving in waves. The holidays and January were slower as usual. However, in the last two weeks, we're starting to see the market moving again as we enter the "Spring market". The market has become more of a "normal, balanced" market where it's a good time for both buyers and sellers to make a move. Days on market have increased, interest rates have gone up, inventory is up in some zip codes, and sellers are pricing their homes more realistically. Nice, move-in ready homes in neighborhoods with good school districts continue to sell fast in this market...

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~ Janicke Swanson