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Staging Matters

In today’s economy, short market times are crucial. Sellers may have a new job, have already bought their next house, or need to move quickly so their kids can start school.Buyers are looking for a “home,” not a “house,” and often can’t see beyond the empty home. Without furniture, wall art, rugs, lighting and décor, there are few emotional connections. A buyer will be on the lookout for imperfections such as floor scratches, nail pops, chipped grout and other imperfections.

All our listings receive a complimentary Home Staging Consultation with our team member, Kristi Olson, a certified home stager and Janicke Swanson, an interior design enthusiast! Every home deserves a comfortable and fresh look. Potential buyers can better visualize how they integrate into the home. Staging allows a proper vision for the property and can achieve a quicker, more profitable outcome. With staging, we’ve succeeded where others have failed!

Before and After Photos

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